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Singles Going Straight

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Background Crucial Youth formed in 1987 to clean up the scene. I mean it's no good complaining about the ills of the world until you can look in the mirror and be proud of who you are. With this in mind four young men from New Jersey set out on a crusade. They are the most positive band in the world so beware. They preach the evils of drinking coffee, masturbating, doing drugs and alcohol while setting an example by rewinding video tapes, putting litter in its place and eating from the four food groups. Many so called straight edge bands have been brought to task for cursing.
About This Release This album collects together for the first time the Crucial Youth singles along with rare demos and live recordings from the European tour. The sound has been restored by Ryk Oakley who worked on the Posi-Machine (he was also the producer for Kraut and engineered on albums by UK Subs and Hogan's Heroes). Thirty tracks of raging hardcore with no punches pulled.


Key Selling Points
  • Featured on the “At War With Society” compilation which has sold 77,000 to date.
  • Features previously unreleased comics by Roger Giner-Sorolla
  • First album sold eight thousand on vinyl.


Tracks 1. Four Rules
2. Those Who Curse
3. Positive Dental Outlook
4. Me & Mr. T
5. Put Litter in its Place
6. Be kind, Rewind
7. Shave Clean
8. Wake Up And Lift
9. Crucial Youth
10. X-Mas For The Skins
11. Santa Claus IS Coming
12. I'm Straight
13. Scarred For Life
14. American Band
15 Smut Peddler
16. Caffeine (Live)
17. Power (Live)
18. Positive Dental Outlook (Live)
19. Shave Clean (Live)
20. Just Say No (Live)
21. Me & Mr T (Live)
22. Mosh Of The Pressheads (Live)
23. Four Rules (Live)
24. Can't Shut My Mouth (Demo)
25. Shave Clean (Demo)
26. Posi- Machine (Demo)
27. Be Kind, Rewind (Demo)
28. Four Rules (Demo)
29. Positive Dental Outlook (Demo)
30. Me & Mr. T (Demo)
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