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Endangered Species


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Background I never thought I would be writing these notes to an album so dear to me, but with a history of frustration & deceit. But here I am - When we made our first full length recording (Live at the Roxy), in 1977 we had little idea what was ahead, after all punk had “No Future”, and we were certainly living for the NOW! This was still evident when the studio versions of those early songs came out in 1979 on the album “Another Kind Of Blues” which charted at #21 in the national charts following 2 top 30 singles. The songs were well short of masterpieces and existed on adrenaline not substance. The second (official) album “Brand New Age” was somewhat more thoughtful if just in arrangement & charted at #18. Then the live album “Crash Course” charted at #8. Although a fare picture of the bands live show it hardly broke new ground. Diminished Responsibility showcased the new rhythm section, again more thoughtful but poorly produced by Mike Leander (Gary Glitters producer). Endangered Species began to take shape early in 1981 with a few demos - I had persuaded Charlie that I should produce the next album after the disaster with “Diminished” and he agreed. I decided to split the album into two half - the first more experimental (Which ended up as the second side) and the other side more traditional Subs sound. This venture into a new sound for us was not jumping on any bandwagon, it was more my frustration with punk beginning to sound all the same with a number of bands like GBH, Discharge and the Exploited become popular. I had total control, for better or worse. The title track was previously recorded as a demo with different lyric (Shoot You Down), and Ice age had been released as the B side of the special edition of “Keep On Running” 7”. “Countdown”, “Sensitive Boys”, “Divide By Eight” and Ambition also existed as demos. Alvin Gibbs brought “living Dead” and the musical draft for “Down On The Farm”. He also wrote the two bonus tracks “Plan Of Action” and “I don’t need your love” both recorded at the same sessions. I documented the other songs, with the exception of “I Robot” written by Charlie alone, on my sony walkman at home and then I showed the various parts to the band during rehearsals in the studio. The interesting ending of “Lie Down And Die” was the result of trying to choose between three different endings - we ended up using them all! After 5 weeks in the studio we ended up with the pinnacle of the bands opus - Endangered Species. The NEMS record label went out of business during the promotion of the album and certain, lets say account abnormalities arose making the album somewhat hard to find for a time but here it is... - Nicky Garratt 1998
About This Release Recorded at Jacobs studio in rural surrey between Aug 1981 and September 1981, Endangered Species was put together during the day (In between swiming pool breaks), and fine tuned by Nicky & engineer Ken Thomas in the evening and night. It was mixed  and produced by Nicky and engineered by Ken Thomas & Martin Haskell.  


Key Selling Points
  • The absolute best album - featuring the classic line up
  • Original songs later covered by the likes of “Guns & Roses”, “Dag Nasty” and “Hanoi Rocks” members.
  • “Flesh Wound” ending is restored to original full length


Tracks 1. Endangered Species
2. Living Dead
3. Countdown
4. Ambition
5. Fear Of Girls
6. Down On The Farm
7. Sensitive Boys
8. Divide By Eight Multiply By Five
9. Ice Age
10. I Robot
11. Flesh Wound
12. Plan Of Action
13. I Don’t Need Your Love


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