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Another Fine Day


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Background The Badtown is Los Angeles not Stuttgart!!! That surprises some who might think this veteran band is from Germany. That’s certainly where they are best know. Previously signed to the German label Gift Of Life they are not strangers to New Red Archives as we were the USA distributors for that label. Formed in the late 1980’s after a couple of collectable singles, Badtown Boys released a string of solid albums starting with the self titled debut in 1990. The album was produced by Brett Gurewitz of Bad religion - did that guy ever sleep back then? Their sound was very like the Ramones, but faster, or like the Dickies without the goof. Led by singer Greg Keith and guitarist Tommy Komisar BB also featured Greg’s brother Chris Keith on Bass. Gift Of Life took them over to Germany for the first in many tours. The follow-up to “Badtown Boys” was “Date With Death” (1991) followed by “Penniless In Paradise” EP (1993) which was the first CD to feature Drummer (and Singer from Dead Lazlo’s Place) Gizz Navarro - As the Homeless guy asleep on the cover. After “Penniless”, The released “Epidemic” (1995) again on Gift Of Life, but this time marketed by Cargo in the USA. It seemed that would be the summit of their career, but now with the re-vitalized line up featuring Stephan X on vocals and Gizz Navarro on drums, they release “Another Fine Day” The key to the continued power of the Badtown Boys is Tommy Komiser is still writing the riffs.


About This Release This has 130% of the energy of the old albums but still topped with a pop melody. Some of the tracks are the smoothest pop songs the band have ever come up with, but the backing is a hardcore onslaught. Stephan X's vocals are not dissimilar to the former singer Greg Keith's although Greg had a very distinctive tone, but Stephen's voice is richer and now the band backing vocals are more lush and full.


Key Selling Points
  • Four very solid CDs previously released
  • Very popular punk band in Germany selling over 30,000 albums


Tracks 01. Faces of Desperation
02. Please Stay with Me
03. Take Me Back
04. Always Fighting
05. Jenna
06. Get Ahead
07. D.D.F.
08. Punx
09. Insubordinate
10. I Will Succeed
11. Don't Give Up On Me
12. BadTown U.S.A.
13. I Can't Change the World


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