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Problems First


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Background It’ been 2 years now since Justin Sane (Anti-Flag’s singer) and I watch The Dehumanized opening for the UK Subs at New Jersey’s Pipeline. Since then they managed to play a few shows and squeeze out a 4 track self titled 7”. You can’t rush talent! The 7” was a sleeper, and is selling better now a year and a half later than it did shortly after it’s release. Maybe because the band rarely play outside of New Jersey and it’s taken this long for word of mouth to spread, or maybe it’s because people now know then from the mighty 99 cents comp “At War With Society” where they have a track from the 7” ”To You”. This summer a rare track ”Confessions” recorded with original bass player/vocalist Araena Sanchez will be included on Hardcore Breakout USA Vol 3. The track was re-recorded for inclusion on “Problems First”     The Dehumanized combine the power of the early 80’s east coast hardcore with quick fire vocal and guitar exchanges between duel guitar/vocalists Sol Caceres and Chris Jefferson
About This Release The sound is a little denser on "Problems First than on the 7" with "Fuck You Where's My Brew" as the stand out track.


Key Selling Points
  • Featured on the “At War With Society” compilation which has sold 77,000 to date.
  • Excellent live band touring this summer


Tracks 1. Classified
2. Educators
3. Fee To Live
4. Mommy’s Killin’
5. Fuck You Where’s My Brew
6. Confessions
7. Coo-Coos
8. Better Later Days
9. Convenience
10. Everyday
11. Childish & Cowardly
12. Tragic
13. To You
14. Gimme The Scoop

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