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Background Reagan Youth along with the Misfits and Kraut were the most influential early Punk bands in the New York area. However in their almost ten years together, they only managed to record 1 EP (Youth Anthems For The New Order). This was mostly due to drug consumption which also caused the bands final demise and death of singer Dave I (Rubinstien). The first EP was reissued as 'Volume 1' by New Red Archives, remixed by Dave and Nicky Garratt, with extra previously unreleased tracks from the 'Youth Anthems' session. After the band folded , members reunited to record a number of songs which hand not been documented this was in turn released as ' Volume 2' In later years, Reagan Youth have become icons in Punk circles with many cover versions of their songs being recorded and even the film 'Airheads' Using one of their songs in the sound track.
About This Release This CD contains both Reagan Youth Volume 1 & Volume 2 on one CD. The first half of the CD is classic punk anthems like 'Reagan Youth', 'New Aryans' and 'Degenerated' while the second half ranges from punk to almost acid rock. The CD artwork is by Dave I and shows the KKK as a band 'The Grand Wizards' and the caption "Sponsored By The David Duke Appreciation Society" However the band are clearly not racist as the caption on volume one showing a KKK man patting a kid on the head reads "Come Now Jim, it could never happen here" Volume 2 has a similar warning..... & of course Dave was Jewish!


Key Selling Points
  • Features both Reagan Youth LP's.


Tracks 1. Reagan Youth
2. New Aryans
3. (Are You) Happy?
4. No Class
5. I Hate Hate
6. Degenerated
7. Go Nowhere
8. USA
9. Anytown
10. In Dog We Trust
11. It's A Beautiful Day
12. Jesus Was A Communist
13. Urban Savages
14. What Will The Neighbors Think?
15. Get The Ruler Out
16  Brave New World
17  Miss Teen America
18  Heavy Metal Shuffle
19  Queen Babylon
20  Acid Rain
21  One Holy Bible
22  Back To The Garden (parts 1-1V)


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