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At War With Society


99 Cents via mail order
$1.99 retail

UCP 7-20308-9100-2 2










Background Our tenth anniversary needed something special. A lot of samplers were coming out mostly priced at $4.99 or so, and they weren't that good really. So we figured we would put out the ultimate Punk comp. Well we couldn't get the Sex Pistols, Ramones or the Clash, but we could take the very best track from each of the albums we have put out and lots of them. Then the price - we made it cheaper than brake even 99 cents, (65 Cents to distributors), for the first 50,000 before rising the price to $1.99 retail. It might not have any heavy hitters on it, but it has been described as the best punk comp of all time! Most people say it would have been worth the full $15 anyday and the press agreed. This could be the greatest punk compilation of all time! or the biggest financial disaster ever.
About This Release The 33 tracks on this CD blaze one after another from the early eighties thrash of Kraut to the snotty punk stylings of Anti-Flag from 1996.


Key Selling Points
  • This CD has already sold over 77,000
  • 73 minutes of music for 99 cents!!!!!!!


Tracks 1. Christ On A Crutch - Fish People
2. UK Subs - State Of Alert
3. Accustomed To Nothing - Loose Interpretations of the Bomb
4. Loudmouths - No Guts
5. No Use For A Name - Born Addicted
6. Reagan Youth - USA
7. Swingin’ Utters - All Laced Up
8. Anti-Flag - Die For The Government
9. Social Unrest - Thinking Of Suicide
10. Squat - It’s All Over
11. Samiam - The Bridge
12. Snap-Her - Be My Girl
13. Kraut - Flossing With an E String
14. Corrupted Ideals - Stop The Production
15. No Use For A Name - DMV
16. Ultraman - Messages
17. M.D.C. - Slow, Stupid & Hungry
18. Hogan’s Heroes - Corporate Life
19. Corrupted Ideals - I Don’t Care
20. The Nukes - Tenderloin
21. UK Subs - Nobody Move
22. 2 Line Filler - Home
23. Jack Killed Jill - In Need Of A Holiday
24. Samiam - Sky Flying By
25. Swingin’ Utters - Reggae Gets Big
26. The Wrench - It’s Your Right
27. Social Unrest - Colossal Sleep
28. Snap-Her - I Wanna Bevis You
29. The Dehumanized - To You
30. Samiam - Regrets
31. Crucial Youth - Possitive Dental Outlook
32. Christ On A Crutch - Food For Thought
33. UK Subs - NRA Jingle

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