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Day Two - New Orleans July 16th

After a couple of phone calls we arranged with the Disco Bombs to have our one and only rehearsal with Gizz in their studio. We were somewhat ready. I picked up the merchandise for most of the bands at the promoter's house then proceeded to the venue. The State Palace is a large concert hall in the city, I dropped off the boxes then went back to the hotel. By the time I got back, Alvin and Gizz had been thrown out of the hotel and were standing in the car park in the high 90 degrees with all the bags for 2 hours.
We arrived at the show as The Vibrators were sound checking. One of Charlie's European Tee shirt girls, Sandra joined up with us - Alvin immediately christened her "Fi Fi".  The show was not well attended and we played very poorly. When we launched into the intro to the first song, Gizz was so taken back by the sudden burst of action that he forgot to play.