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Chapter Nine - Aftermath

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UK Subs - The Early Years
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2 Band From The Pubs
3 John Peel & CID
4 In The Charts
5 U.S. Subs
6 Top 10 & The New Subs
7 Endangered Subs
8 The Cold War
9 Aftermath

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On our last night in Poland Alvin and John (Towe), tipped the woman who cleans the toilet with all their remaining money after using the bathroom. It’s hard to say how much that works out to, but we were told it was what she would expect to earn over the next five years! The woman put on her coat and retired.

In the aftermath of the Subs break-up in 1983, Alvin, John (Towe) and I put a new band together with singer Ken Scott from Wasted Youth (UK) - a drug driven band in the vein of the Velvet Underground and Psychedelic Furs. We knew Ken from the 1977 era Roxy scene with his band The Tickets. (Also on “A Farewell to the Roxy” album). The band, who’s name was never quite decided between “Soft Pulse” and “Target Generation”, worked in two teams, Alvin & former TV Smith keyboard player Mal Wesson, and Ken and me. From the start, however, Ken had a drug problem which not only made rehearsals, shows and recording next to impossible but also destroyed our writing partnership. Alvin and Mal however were churning out a ton of songs. Not surprisingly our two demos, paid for by EMI records, were mostly songs written by the Gibbs/Wesson team.

John Towe quickly left the band to be replaced by Ken’s brother Andy, also a heroin addict, . Within a year it was apparent that no further progress was going to be made and their drug habit had top priority. Alvin joined Iggy Pop’s band for over a year then joined ex Hanoi Rocks members in “Cheap & Nasty”, while Mel worked on TV music and the Scott brothers got busted and went to prison on a heroin charge. Charlie continued with the Urban Dogs and new, rapidly changing line-ups of the UK Subs, but an era was over. For my part, after producing “The Ejected” album Spirit Of Rebellion I relocated to New York City made one album with New York band The Rebekka Frame, two albums with Ten Bright Spikes and started New Red Archives.


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