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Day Nine - Mesa July 23rd

We set off at 9 am towards Mesa AZ. My friend Jill is putting the band up so we headed directly to her house via the Hoover dam and through the amazing rock formations. Tim from Ultraman arrived to drive for us for a week. This is most welcomed.
Jill was waiting at her house, it was 110 degrees. The show was packed by the time we arrived but the sets were again cut short. Gene October got hit by a bottle which sent him into a tirade about early punk.
As my Eq was stolen at the last show I borrowed D.O.A.'s stuff. Alvin also had some problems with his gear, but we still did quite well.
We all went back to Jill's house at 2:00 am and stayed the night there.


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Jan (D.O.A.) and Bone get the android Nicky Garratt (UK Subs) ready for stage