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Day Six - Denver July 20th

Woke up to hammering because of construction work going on one floor below us. Alvin stormed into the lobby and complained - they gave us our money back!
We drove out to the airport and exchanged our defective van, then on to the show. The venue was a beautiful old theater. The merchandise was set up in the back courtyard but was run by the promoter's staff. As the bands started playing we challenged D.O.A. to Soccey (Half soccer and half Ice Hockey), resulting in a 3 - 3 draw. Most of the bands had a great night with D.R.I., The UK Subs, The Business and T.S.O.L. all did encores. Everyone was feeling good, the energy level was really high and the night ended with a huge stage invasion.
We drove out of Denver and stopped in a motel in the mountains at 2 am. Gizz had had one too many beers and was snoring so loud that even Alvin, 2 rooms away could hear him. Fi Fi (AKA Sandra) pinched his nose, but that didn't work. After half an hour I gave up and slept in the bus.

Charlie Harper Quote Of The Day

Nicky: "Charlie you remember the strangest things"
Charlie "Err no, Alvin remembers them."

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The Sockey teams D.O.A. and UK Subs