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Day Four - Lawrence July 18th

Half way to the Lawrence show, shortly after Gizz had taken over driving, the rear tire exploded. We think the problem was driving at 90 mph in 98 degree heat for hours. So Gizz and I, neither mechanically minded, figured out how to change it. Using the temporary spare we drove (at 45 mph) to the nearest garage - somewhere in the middle of Oklahoma and got a new tire.
We arrived right in time to go directly on stage but the back door was jammed forcing us to cart all the guitars over the seat and out the front door. We struggled through our set very poorly. The guitar player from Ultraman lent me his amp which helped a bit. I spent the remainder of the night at the merchandize stand watching The Business and T.S.O.L.

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Nicky Garratt & Beki Bondage
The tours oldest vegetarians?


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Nicky, Alvin, Gizz & Charlie
Exploded tire in Oklahoma