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Day Three - Austin July 17th

We left directly after the New Orleans show and drove overnight to Austin Texas. I took the first shift through the night, then the intense heat in the morning, then a downpour of rain later. Gizz drove the last couple of hours.
The show at the backroom was packed, the merchandise was outside where there was another stage with local bands playing and a row of concession stands. I spent most of the night selling Tee Shirts and CD's. Beki from Vice squad and I are having a light hearted banter about the relative merits of Gibson and Fender Guitars. She plays a Les Paul on some songs, while I'm a staunch Stratocaster man. Anyway I met another Stratocaster fan, with a strat tattoo (Peter played in 'Marginal Man' among others). 1 - 0 to me Beki!
Tonight' show was great, we played much better - Gizz was more prepared and in great form. Because everyone wanted to get a jump on the monster drive the next day, politics bumped us next to last on the bill. We complained, but the damage was done So after a night without sleep, we set off again over night to Lawence Kansas

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Peter Murray's Fender Tattoo
Nice sunburst finish on that baby Peter