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Day Twenty Five - Toronto Day Aug 8th

We woke to the sound of the Church bells still wet from the night before and headed for the boarder where various members of Chelsea, The Vibrators, and the Social Chaos team were waiting at the check point. While the paperwork was getting sorted and the guards made an exhaustive search through the vans the Britts organized a game of Soccer on the grass next to the offices. I ended up taking several hours to get through but we were still in plenty of time so we stopped on the other side and had lunch. I took a shower at a truck stop. The show at the Warehouse was packed. There are several floors in this dark club with two stages and a number of side rooms. This is the last show because Montreal was cancelled, and it was great even though The Business, Anti-Heros, and D.R.I. didn't make it. Millie was set up upstairs with merchandise, but is not feeling so good. She plans to continue on with the Subs to Europe at the end of the year.
After the show we drove overnight to Montreal to catch the flight back to San Francisco while some of the bands had to wait until the next day to get paid for the show.


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Nicky Garratt chats with agent Randy Fuller

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Stage manager Chris

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Waiting to get paid