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Day Twenty Four - Travel Day Aug 7th

We wanted to see T.S.O.L. who had an extra show, so instead of heading to the meeting point in Buffalo we went to Rochester - and failed to find the show. Soon we gave up and went to Niagara Falls. Charlie and I were at the Falls 20 years ago when we were opening on the Police tour. It was 12:30 and pouring with rain - we got soaked. Unable to find a hotel with vacancies we spent the night in the bus parked in the parking lot of a church. Charlie and I tried to sleep sitting up in the front seats Gizz lay down on the back seat, Alvin on the middle and Millie squeezed on the floor. After 15 minutes of total silence, we all started to laugh at the same time.

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Nicky Garratt & Beki Bondage