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Day Twenty Two - New York Aug 5th

We drove directly overnight to New York City where Jimmy from Murphy's Law was putting us up. I skipped the chance to sleep, after we arrived in the morning and hung out with myAlvinthum.JPG (20977 bytes) Friend Linda.
The show was packed, totally out of control. Tonight The mighty Dehumanized were opening the show featuring their new bass player Jones.
New York has always been a second home for the UK Subs, from 1979 opening at the Palladium for the police, through as many as five CBGB shows in a row to the 1983 show at the Peppermint with Anti Nowhere League opening and finally the two shows on the 1997 tour at Coney Island High. Tonight lived up to the expectations. My Guitar strap broke, the other was already broken so Red duct taped my guitar directly to my body. After the show I lost my brand new EQ again.

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Steve (Business) and
Chris (Dehumanized)

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James Stevenson of Chelsea