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Day Twenty One - Pittsburgh Aug 4th

Made Arabic food (Fava beans and pita bread with nickypat.JPG (40333 bytes)preserved lemon salad and olives), before the show for Alvin, Millie and myself. The Metropol was well attended, it's a dark but modern night club with a number of balconies and walk ways above the main floor. The atmosphere is really good and most of the bands are getting a great reaction. Our set, however was ruined because the clnicky.JPG (28270 bytes)ub, instead of providing the Marshall amps called for on the rider, decided to give us a Mesa Boogie practice amp! The guy said "Don't worry dude," (He might not have actually said dude), "This thing kicks ass - it cost me $700." Then we started playing and of course the amp was almost inaudible. They cranked the monitors - nothing. The backline crew struggled to get any kind of guitar sound for most of the set, including unplugging it in the middle of our performance. We stilluksubs.JPG (35543 bytes) managed to have fun though. The wire cage at the side of the stage provided a back stage area where a who's who of punk watched the bands.

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Millie at work