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Day Seventeen - Milwaukee July 31st

I took the drive into the city, Gizz is feeling really bad. Just by chance we found the arena immediately. This was the annual Metal Fest. It had four stages, one dedicated to the Social Chaos tour. This was the happening room, which was packed all night. The main stage in the large arena Sc13thum.JPG (11319 bytes)was mostly empty. Murphy's Law joined the tour and injected a ton of fresh energy and D.R.I. are back with a new bass player. Under the circumstances the show went well considering the amount of metal heads in the place. We were also joined by Melissa AKA "Red" who took over Tools job.
We drove out of Milwaukee overnight, but Charlie wanted to detour to Kenosha WI to drop in on his old bar. We spent a couple of hours there. Alvin wanted to leave, and Gizz was dizzy, he'd thrown up at the show. We drove another 100 miles and got a motel.


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Metal Fest pass