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Day Fourteen - Portland July 28th

Finally we get to sleep in, but we have a forty hour drive tomorrow! By lunch time Charlie disappeared. We checked the local food places but he was nowhere to be found. In fact he'd left a message for us at the check out desk, we picked him up from a dinner and headed down to Portland.
The show was not so well attended, maybe 650 people. I spent the night hanging out with writer Jo-Ann Green. Dave from M.D.C. did not show up even though he called to be added to the guest list. However Mal Asling, our ex drummer (And Chelsea's) showed up. Chelsea are threatening to pull out of the tour again. Lee from One Way System, the Guitarist of the Stitches plus Alvin and Charlie are all feeling sick. We played a pretty good set, (After eating Mexican food in the dressing room). I wish I hadn't eaten earlier because the food in the dressing room was really good. We left directly after the show for Milwaukee. I took the first eight hours.


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Joey from D.O.A. at the merchandise desk