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Day Eleven - San Francisco July 25th

Although no one knows, it's my birthday today. At 10 past nine, Tim took the wheel for the drive north. He's an excellent driver and I found I could relax and almost catch up on some sleep. We arrived at my house at 4:30, half an hour later Pumpy, Tim and Gizz went to the show. I did laundry, made food and did some office work. Arabella, (From NRA), Charlie, Alvin and I went to pick up Dolores. The show was packed both upstairs and downstairs. It was chaos, no one knew where the dressing room was, we found out after the show, that there was catering in another room. Tonight Tool the tour manager with the felt Viking hat was fired. Rumor has it he then stole the van? Also tonight Pelegro and D.R.I. dropped out of the tour. I'm not sure about D.R.I., but it seems Pelegro were not getting enough money to continue. T.S.O.L.'s tour manager is supposed to be taking over the Social Chaos tour managing. Another tour casualty is Mick Ronson look-a-like, Dave Martin who seems to have suffered some sort of breakdown. He fly's home tomorrow. The show went quite well and was shot on video. Later Alvin stayed at Arabella's house, I stayed at Dolores's and the rest of the band stayed at my house.


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The last ever photo of the five piece Chelsea with Dave Martin
on 2nd guitar?