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Day Ten - San Bernardino July 24th

Charlie and "Fi Fi" traveled with T.S.O.L. to California. We got lost a couple of times, mostly because the directions in the tour itinerary were wrong for a lot of the shows. A couple of thousand fans were already at the Orange Pavilion by the time we finally arrived. The merchandize was set up along the side of the hanger like show. Each time a band went on the tables were in complete darkness. Andi from Snap-Her dropped in to say hi.
We swapped billing with D.R.I. and went on a little early, why I don't know, but we played ok. There were a few gang fights mostly outside in the parking lot. I did see a guy with his eye gouged out. Alvin stayed with a friend after the show and "Fi Fi" went with Chelsea and the rest of us plus Pumpy from Vice Squad stayed at Gizzes house north of the valley. I slept in the bus.


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Paul (Vice Squad) and Albert (Vice Squad's Driver) getting Americanized