"Go Home" UK winter tour 1999

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Day Nine - Boston Nov 25th 1999

Got up quite early and went for a walk. Gary came at 2:30 shortly after Steve (Our agent) arrived. We had to detour around to pick up a Marshall 4 X 12 cab and a box of merchandize from Jungle.
Boston is a beautiful little town by the wash on the east coast. The gig was in a small pub, only about 100 people showed up. Blind Society opened - they were pretty good. Our set on the other hand was a mess. Gary has an abscess on his face and I think it was affecting his concentration because the songs were slowing down and speeding up like crazy. After the show we drove back to London.

Day Ten - Northampton Nov 26th 1999

I had to return the guitar case to Charring Cross Rd. first thing in the morning because the latch had broken. I got back to Charlie's at 3:00 and made a salad for the trip. We got off to Northampton around 4:00
There are two opening bands tonight "Red Flag 77" and "Simtex". This is basically another pub gig but the back room would have a decent capacity (400 or so), and the stage, P.A. and monitor systems are very good.
I walked around the city a bit, it seems much less ethnic than the other places we've played up till now. The show filled up quite well, and we played much better than last night. The crowd were pogoing from the first song till the last. We drove back to Charlie's after the show.