"Go Home" UK winter tour 1999

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Day Thirty One - Graves End Dec 18th 1999

Spent the morning waiting for the box with my jacket from Gordon-Smith. When Charlie got up he told me Gary called andintro_16.jpg (55425 bytes) is doing the last two gigs. Gary claims he left tons of messages - he's lying for some reason. 1) everyone else got through to Charlie's cell phone. 2) Steve Harnet didn't get a message. 3) Neither club got a message after the first one saying he'd broken down. 4) Charlie had no messages on his regular phone.
I called Tommy and apologized. He sounded quite disappointed. Got to the van and it had a flat tire and the battery was dead. By the time we got on the road we hit rush hour traffic. The show tonight featured 999 and Tenpole Tudor and an opening band who were pretty good. We went on last - it was a great gig. Gary and his girlfriend didn't say a word to us the whole show - something is going on with him. However he did play a great show - his best yet. Drove back to London and got to bed at 5:45 am.

Day Thirty Two - Swindon Dec 19th 1999

Got up at 1:00 - at 2:30 I changed the oil in the van, put air in the tire and filled up with gas. We got a late start again. On the way to Swindon it started snowing heavily.
The show was not well attended, around 100 people. Gary arrived again independently of the band. There was no opening band and again Gary played a blinder another of his best shows. We left at 1:30 dropped Alvin off in Croydon and the UK leg of the tour ended at 5:30 back at Charlie's flat.