"Go Home" UK winter tour 1999

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Day Three - Plymouth Nov 19th 1999

Woke up around 11am it's cold but quite on the side street where the van is parked. I didn't hear a car all night. I skipped breakfast with the band in a small local cafe and had a grapefruit.
We got off quite early to Plymouth and took a walk around the Marina. Charlie, always obsessed with fishing needed to be dragged away from the boats.
The show again was poorly attended. It was in a cafe that converts to a club at night. There were three opening bands all quite different. The upright bass player of the first band (his name was Gizmo) was excellent - psychobilly stuff. It was not our best night, we got off stage at 1:00, split into two houses for the night.

Day Four - London Nov 20th 1999

Got up at 8:00 am and took a shower. Gary arrived at 9:00 with the rest of the band Including ZoŽ and Cazz (Daughter of one of the previous UK Subs guitar payers girlfriend).
Tonight's show is "Holidays In The Smoke" with Anti-Nowhere League, Angelic Upstarts, Red Alert, Pain and a bunch more. We were on stage at 5:30 and the place was packed. Many people were from Europe and Scandinavia even the USA. The set went quite well but I managed to get my face cut with a glass above the left eye and on my forehead. The cuts were not too deep though. We said a quick hello to Magoo and Animal from the Anti-Nowhere League who opened for us on our 1982 US tour, then sat in the pub with members of Vice Squad and the Business. Later Charlie, I and a bunch of people went to a Chinese cafe for dinner with Pinch (The drummer for the Damned), Jenny Rat, (Who we met in 1981 in Germany). Went back to Chalie's to sleep.

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Breakfast in Bristol