"Go Home" UK winter tour 1999

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Day Twenty Nine - Hereford Dec 15th 1999

Still no word from Gary, Charlie has called and called. There is no message left with Steve (our agent), no call to the club and no return call to Charlie's cell phone. Today I arranged a trip to Gordon-Smith guitars outside of Manchester. After a long drive north west we arrived at the small factory where these excellent hand made guitars are produced. In addition to making 2 black GS2 guitars for me 20 years ago, Gordon-Smith guitars have been used by a number of ex UK Subs members (Including Tez) and in addition they are used by Leather Face and the Buzzcocks among others. They serviced my guitars and we talked about getting a custom built GS1 made for me.
Still no work from Gary - half way to the gig in Hereford I realized I left my Jacket at Gordon-Smith. (They ended up posting it to me).
Hereford was not that full, maybe 150 people, but they were mostly young for the first time on this tour.
Gary blow off this gig too without notice. Again we played with a stand in and again he did great. This however was without doubt the worst gig I can ever remember playing - Aguire's raft runs aground! Drove back to London after the show.

Day Thirty - London Day Off Dec 16th 1999

Arrived back in London around 6:30. I couldn't sleep so a bit latter that morning I called Tommy Couch. He told me he could finish the tour. We have to assume Gary has quit as even back at Charlie's flat there was no message for us on the answer machine. For the first time in a few days I'm buzzing. Tommy is a great drummer plus he's very funny. The only down side is that now I'm the only drummer and Alvin, Charlie and Tommy don't drive. I caught a couple of hours of sleep then went to Acton to play Table Tennis.