"Go Home" UK winter tour 1999

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Day Twenty Seven - Portsmouth Dec 13th 1999

Woke up in Charlie's flat at 11:00. It's raining heavily again. Iinterv_42_4.jpg (30885 bytes) went to the store and bought olives and bread then went to the Army & Navy store and bought a Tee Shirt and Sweater. Gary & ZoŽ arrived mid day and we left for Portsmouth.
Had a good sound check and sorted out some of the problems - sadly the show was poorly attended. We played somewhat better, but the speeds of some of the songs were still very shaky. Drove back to London and stayed at Charlie's 2:30 am


Day Twenty Eight - Nottingham Dec 14th 1999

Got up at 10:00 am took a quick bath then went into town and bought another Gordon-Smith (GS1). Left for Nottingham at 3:00. Some snow and sleet fell on the way up. Gary didn't show up for sound check, a little latter he called and said he'd broken down. By ShowTime we had gotten no further word from him on Charlie's cell phone, at the club or via Steve our agent. We ended up doing the show with a stand in drummer. He did really well, but of course we were awful. Everyone was really pissed off at Gary. We went back to Ali's flat (she's a friend of the band). She was most kind to us, but Alvin froze all night in the cold upstairs bedroom. I slept in the bus.