"Go Home" UK winter tour 1999

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Day Twenty Five - Derby Dec 11th 1999

Got up at 10:00 am everyone's still asleep, they've been up most of the night. I took a walk into Wakefield and got some food. I made fried yogurt for breakfast, which didn't work out too well without White Wave soy yogurt. We finally got away to Derby at 4:30. The show at the Victoria was packed. Martin from Anti-Pasti and Rat from the Varukers were both there. The show was good until the crowd spilled over the stage and trashed the guitar amp. We got it working again, but it was not quite right. We did an encore then left for Leicester to stay at my parents house. ZoŽ left for London and Tommy left for Blackpool. Arrived at my parents house at 2:30 am.

Day Twenty Six - Leicester Dec 12th 1999

Woke up at mid day in the room I grew up in to tons of birds in the garden. Took a bath etc. Once everyone was gatheredinterv_42_3.JPG (42949 bytes) together we were about to take a walk to the local store, (It's Sunday but the Co-Op in Cosby is open), but it started raining heavy so we opted to take the van - came back made a light lunch.
Two opening bands tonight. The first is a punk band who covered Spizz Energy's "Where's Captain Kirk". The other is a Ska band. My elder brother and his two sons showed up to the show. Tonight Gary came back. Our set was horrible however, the timing was screwed up plus, ends and starts to songs missed. It improved a little halfway through, but too late. A small fight broke out - mostly a bunch of Macho posturing. We left for London that night and arrived at Charlie's flat at 4:30