"Go Home" UK winter tour 1999

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Day Twenty Three - Aston-Under-Lyne Dec 9th 1999

We left at 11:00 to Aston-Under-Lyne (Near Manchester). Alan Campbell stayed in Glasgow and Tommy needed to go home to take care of some family stuff. He will meet us later. We are picking up the (hopefully) well rested Alvin from Manchester station. It's raining again. We played a controlled set with a few mistakes, interv_42_2.jpg (32560 bytes)but not bad. Funnily enough, Alan Campbell had shown me a few details of my own songs which I had forgotten over my hiatus, now I was showing them to Alvin.  
"Victims of Radiation" opened, the singer had some interesting lyrics. A good gig. Tommy went back home while the rest of us stopped in Wakefield at Paul & Liz's place. (They are old friends of Charlie) 3:00am.


Day Twenty Four - Bradford Dec 10th 1999

I got up at 10:45 and took a bath and washed my clothes. Paul cooked vegetarian Chili and baked potatoes. It's raining again. We went intro_15.jpg (34951 bytes)to Bradford at 5:00 arrived at 6:30. Tommy won't be here until 8:00 so no sound check. This line-up, in my opinion, has the best feel, both personality and playing since 1982 when Steve Roberts was in the band. It's very exciting. Tommy's sister arrived earlier than Tommy and caused quite a stir. She's Jane Couch the three time woman's world boxing champion and quite a celebrity in the U.K. I had even seen her on American T.V. despite my lack of knowledge about boxing. We hit it off immediately, she's very down to earth and nice.
The show was at a large night club and was plagued by equipment failures. We got a fare crowd response. After the show we hung out in the dressing room it was a bit of a party. Between signing autographs, Jane showed me some warm up exercises for my leg. We went back to Liz and paul's place and I slept in the van again.



















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Jane & Tommy