"Go Home" UK winter tour 1999

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Day Twenty One - Edinburgh Dec 7th 1999

Woke up in Dod's living room with the huge German shepherd. We are in a gate house to a mansion way out of Aberdeen in the country side. Took a bath and checked out the area a little with Dod's girlfriend. When we returned Dod played the bag pipes for us, made porridge (Scottish style) and we were off to Edinburgh as Dod piped us on our way. The club was a nice size room with a great sound system. The opening band were the Swell Bellies. The show went really well, Tommy and Alan played great - wonderful crowd. I didn't know what to expect playing with Alen Campbell, after all with the old line-up of the band getting back together his long tenure came to an end. I saw him play guitar once in Los Angeles, but it was when he first joined the Subs. As it turned out, he was totally professional and a really solid musician. I actually intend to listen to some of his work with the Subs when I get home.
At last the tour at last seems to be picking up except my leg muscle is not getting better because my constantly straining it on stage. After the show we drove directly to Scott's house in Glasgow in more heavy rain. Got a chance to check my email at Scott's then I slept in the van outside his house. It rained all night. 

Day Twenty Two - Glasgow Dec 8th 1999

It's still raining when I woke up. I left for Glasgow city center to buy guitar picks, strings, bandages for my leg (with muscle cream). My leg is still swollen and badly bruised from my fall through the stage in York. Got to the bank and took care of some New Red Archives business.
The show was in a small cellar with "Red Eye" opening. It was really, really bad with only 50 people showing up. We struggled through a set to mostly drunk punters, one of which insisted on repeatedly getting on stage to either sing (not anything anyone would understand) and he even got on the drum kit after the set. When we came on for an "encore" I started by diving into the drum kit - the guy ran for his life. Tommy re set the kit up and we finished off this miserable night. It felt great to leave this show behind us.

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& the Aberdeen Crew 1978

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Charlie, Dod & Nicky 1999