"Go Home" UK winter tour 1999

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Day nineteen - Arbroth Dec 5th 1999

More rain! Woke up at 11:00 am took a bath and went to pick up Tommy. After dropping Tez at the station we set off for Glasgow to pick up the ex UK Subs guitar player Alan Campbell. We arrived in Arbroth really late. The bass rig was crap and the bass sounded like a vacuum cleaner.
We struggled though one of the worst shows I've ever been involved with in front of about fifty people - it was awful.
The owner of the Hotel had 2 Guinea Pigs which we played with in the bar for an hour. Slept in the Van in the Hotel car park.

Day Twenty - Aberdeen Dec 6th 1999

Scott from Glasgow, who came to the Arbroth show took Tommy and ZoŽ in his car up to Aberdeen, we all arrived with time to spare. Waiting at the gig was Dod Copeland. In 1978 (I think he was 14 years old) he promoted our first show in Aberdeen which we played back to back with a London show.
We actually had time to rehearse at the sound check. The gig was well attended and was totally different to last night. We played well and the crowd response was great. Tommy and Alan played really well. On the last encore I throw my guitar into the air and with all the people on stage Charlie stumbled forward and the guitar hit him on the back of the head and knocked him on the ground.
After the show Charlie and I went back to Dod's house out in the country side.