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Day Seventeen - Hull Dec 3rd 1999

Got up and walked around the Shambles shopping area. York is still a beautiful city. Meet the band in the hotel bar and left for Hull late afternoon. Gary is also now coming down with flu.
We are playing The Wellington which we played 20 years ago. It's been remodeled and is now a decent size concert hall. The turn out was really poor, about 70 people. It was strange because there was no support bands. The lights were really bad just flashing all the way through the set. We played really bad, every song sped up and the the start tempo's were screwed. Gary is really sick. In addition my leg is still throbbing after the stage collapsed last night. We left the gear at the club and took off to a house where some local punks were kind enough to put us up. I slept in the van.

Day Eighteen - Blackpool Dec 4th 1999

The tour went further down the toilet. Gary is too sick to go on and Alvin will not be back for at least a week. This is why we nick named the tour the "Augire The Wrath Of God" tour. As the raft runs aground in that classic movie, Augire stands at the front steadfast in his mission to rule the new world while all around him crumbles. That was the point Charlie and I were at now. I took a long walk around Hull, when I got back we decided to try and continue using Tommy from one way system who lives in Blackpool (where our show is tonight). Now I'm the only driver (and on the wrong side of the road)
We arrived at the pub and of course it was total packed with 30 or so people outside who couldn't get in.
The opening band was The Pink Torpedoes. Their singer had a bad throat so they did a bunch of covers. The guitars were too quite, but the bass and drums were great. Tommy had another gig, so the Pink Torpedoes drummer stood in for us and we managed to do a fare   show - the drummer was really good.
Charlie, Tez, ZoŽ and I went to a club until 3:15 then went back to the support bands house. I slept in the van.









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