"Go Home" UK winter tour 1999

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Day Fifteen - London (Cancelled show) Dec 1st 1999

The Sheffield gig is cancelled and in addition Alvin is sick and can't make the next show. It seems he had flu which turned into pneumonia. In light of his very serious illness following the 1997 US tour, he cant take any risks.

Day Sixteen - York Dec 2nd 1999

Took a bath at 8:00 then left for York at 10:00. Halfway up I took a shot at driving. We stopped at Stoke to pick up Tez (Original Drummer for Discharge, who has played drums, guitar and bass at various times with the Subs, in addition to playing with "The Business", "Ministry", "Broken Bones" and numerous others).
When we arrived at Fibbers in York, Steve Roberts was waiting. We talked for a while - he hasn't changed much. Dave Leaper our old sound man also showed up with the singer from Stone Roses. The place was another pub, there was a few people there and we seemed to win over the crowd. After a couple of numbers I jumped in the air and came down right through the stage. The inside of my left knee got badly bruised and the main muscle on the back of my upper leg got twisted somehow. Tez played unbelievably well. Steve was going to play a couple of songs, but opted to leave instead.
I slept in the van outside the gig, the rest of the band and crew stayed in the hotel across the road.






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Tez & Charlie