"Go Home" UK winter tour 1999

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Day One - London Nov 17th 1999

London is cold and damp, much is changed since I lived here eighteen years ago. Charlie met me at the airport terminal yesterday morning (he was late of course, but I kind of expected that. I was asleep on the  bench when he arrived.
The first rehearsal (yesterday) was quite good, we are are playing some newer songs from Riot and Quintessentials and have revived some really old ones such as "Disease" and "Rockers".
Charlie and I have written a brand new song called "Go Home" thus the "Go Home" tour, and are playing "Megalopolis" for the first time since we recorded it in 1988.
While shopping for music gear I found an old Gordon-Smith GS 1 1/2 and bought it. Tonight's rehearsal was cancelled because Gary (The drummer) got stuck up in Milton Keen's.

Day Two - Bristol Nov 18th 1999

We switched to a smaller rehearsal room in Camden and ran through the set at 12:30 before ZoŽ, the Tee Shirt girl, showed up. Traffic out of London was pretty bad but we managed to hit our first show in Bristol by 6:30 giving us enough time for a sound check before we eat.
There were only a couple of hundred, mostly older, people at the show. The opening, ska/hardcore, band were quite a tight bunch with US band stickers all over their gear. We played OK for the first show but the neck of my Strat was kind of loose and I had some trouble keeping in tune.
After the show a drunk guy took us back to his pub getting us lost for what seemed like hours in the process. Most of the band slept in the apartment above the pub where a huge German Shepherd roamed. I spent the night in the van with the equipment.










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