U.K. Subs 1997 Tour Journal by Nicky Garratt

Day 3

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Chick & CarlyWoke up at 7.45am and juiced some carrots before getting on the road to the first of our two shows today. Our first stop is Headline Records in Los Angeles where around 40 people gathered to watch us play in the store. We played a short set featuring a bunch of the new songs. Anti-Flag were not play the in-store, giving us plenty of time to get to the Corona show which was sold out. The Corona show was a large venue which had young fans already crowding outside to see a seven band bill. Aside from Anti-Flag, the bigger openers were “Mad Parade” and “Padded Cell” the place was buzzing. My guitars were already in pretty bad shape from the first few gigs, both necks were wobbly, the strap locks were loose at the back of both Stratocasters so I took the practice amp straight upstairs to the dressing room as we unloaded the bus ready to change the strings and fix them up a little. When I came back with the guitars the amp was gone so I reported this to the management. After maybe half an hour the bouncers had tracked down the guy, one of the cleaners who was a bit of a hippy, who had, it turned out, had stashed the amp behind the sofa with plans to stealing it later - they beat the crap out of him in the dressing room. I was pleading for them not to kill him. They didn’t but they did mess him up and kicked him out. Later I freaked Pat (Anti-Flags pacifist drummer), out by passing off a couple of cashew nuts as the guys teeth. Chick was getting sick.

The gig was chaos again, my strap locks pulled out, the guitars went badly out of tune because the necks were slipping and I broke two strings - The crowd went wild! At the end of the show I did a back flip into the drum kit. Dave was rightly really mad at me, but I didn’t think about it, I just did it. Merchandise sold like crazy.

Outside the show as adrenaline filled punks poured out onto the street the cops were getting paranoid and actually gave Justin (Anti-Flags singer), a J walking ticket. We stayed in a Motel that night and got in really late.

Nicky & Alvin. Outside Headline Records. Los Angeles


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