The UK Subs started in the winter of 1977 playing punk rock.
They have released 22 official albums and have toured all over the world.  

The Early Years
The definitive story of the formation of the UK Subs and how it all began as told by original guitarist, Nicky Garratt.  Exclusive photos from Nicky's photo albums.  Includes cover art as well as many landmark photos.
By Nicky Garratt

1997 UK Subs USA Tour Journal
Nicky Garratt releases his tour journals from the archives.  Forget the press, here's the real story...
By Nicky Garratt

Social Chaos 1999 USA Tour Journal
Day by day journal of the 1st ever Social Chaos tour, featuring UK Subs, T.S.O.L., DOA, The Business and more.
By Nicky Garratt

"Go Home" 1999 UK Tour Journal
Day by day journal of the  UK Subs winter tour of Britan
By Nicky Garratt

The (Classic) UK Subs 2002 Marquee reunion
The full Endangered Species line reunites for DVD recording at the Marquee in London

The (Classic) UK Subs Discography
Comprhensive list of releases from the Classic line-up.

Sheet Music
And you thought we couldn't read music....

Guitar Tabs
By Jarbba

The Subs history in press clippings

Steve Roberts 1981 UK Subs Cartoon
Steve drew these for the Fan club

Click an image below to take a look at the great photography of John Nikolai, Melissa Nicholson or Shigeo 'Jones' Kikuchi.
No reproduction of John, Melissa or Shigeo's work without express written consent please.

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