It all started around 1991 in Mark Curry’s practice room in Sacramento. Jen Dean, Cheryl Soso and Lizzy Q. started jamming. We went through a few singers, by then we moved to San Francisco and Barry (From RKL currently in Crosstops & Hot Box) introduced Pamela at the Haight street Fair and it all clicked. A week into band Pamela went up north with SQUAT and had her first show with us at the Lake Union Pub.

In 1996 we recorded our first CD (on NRA), and were very fortunate that El Hefe from NOFX was in the studio, we did have some problems with the engineer and Pamela had a bit of a cold, but we are happy with the product even if we still owe. The CD called "It's All Over" is out with two different covers, the original and a second to appease the European market.

We toured all the way around the U.S.(literally) after the release of the debut CD followed by a six week European tour, that was great. Squat has been in kind of a hiatus since Europe. We did a Show at the Covered Wagon Last month it was the best. We do have a 7” coming out soon titled BUGGER with a picture of a Nasty Mean Mosquito on it which represents the concept of something living off blood. It will have two songs All Natural & Treatment. Their on the more heavy side.