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We were just over half way through the 1997 UK Subs tour with Anti-Flag when we arrived at the Pipeline in New Jersey. After a succession of opening bands ranging from good, to funny, to embracing, we were treated to another with multiple openers - But this night was going to be different. Anti-Flag lead singer and I stood in the packed room when these young kids took the stage - hell they owned the stage from the first note. Switching between vocalist’s inserting rapid fire exchange guitar licks between the two guitars they total saturated the air with a barrage of sound. I reported back to the dressing room directly after their set and offered them a recording deal. Justin and I both agreed that they were head and shoulders above any other band that had opened on the tour. In fact I would say they were the best band to open for the Subs since 1977 when the likes of Kirk Brandon’s “The Pack”, & “Crass” would open for us! Now we have proof. In 1998 the Dehumanized released their debut Ep “The Dehumanized”, followed by "Problems First" their debut CD..

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Dh5thum.JPG (14280 bytes)The new line up L to R

Jones - Bass
Sol - Guitar/Vocals
Kevin - Drums
Chris - Guitar/Vocals

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