Interview with Anti-Flag (April 13th 1999)

Intro: Anti-Flags new album comes out next month and it's a scorcher, so we decided it's time to touch base with them and find out what they are planning.justin02.JPG (108298 bytes)

NRA: First let's get this out of the way, why has the CD been delayed so long?

Justin Sane: That's because of the line up change with the new bass player.

NRA: Tell us about the new guy, who is he and does he know what he's getting into?

Justin Sane: His name is #2, he's a senior in high school. He loves being in the band and we love having him. Oh and he's single ladies.......

NRA: I would think so being in high school and all. What's the thing about midgets?

Justin Sane: He loves midgets and is looking to date one!

NRA: Let's talk about the album "A New Kind Of Army". I love  the drumming on "Just Youth" who's idea was it to fake people out with 2 bars of ska?

Pat Thetic: I don't know if I want to answer that ha ha... The thing that's interesting to me is the.... like "new school" hardcore beat underneath it because it's taking more of a sing-a-long melody and it's juxtaposed against the ska and hardcore parts - I just use these pat01.JPG (154515 bytes)big words so I sound intelligent.

NRA: The drumming on the whole album is excellent.

Justin Sane: Yeah, after 15 years he got it right.

Pat Thetic: That sort of theme goes through the record. There's parts that are dirty basement style drumming, then open up into more hardcore style.

NRA: I've been playing the album non stop in my car, although it's a real punk album, even non punks are impressed. What else do you want to tell us about the new album?

Justin Sane: Well, first that the record is about acceptance of other people - the idea of punk rock being more about acceptance than being in a club. My hope is to reach out to people who wouldn't normally hear the message that's in our music.

NRA: Will you be carrying the flag on the next tour?

Pat Thetic: Definitely. We have a really big one now. It expresses what we're about, and the people who are going to be pissed at us, are pissed before we even get on stage. As a foot note, we played that show in Providence RI where we played on the UK Subs tour and the bouncers stole our flag. We confronted them, and they denied it - there we're 300 people their anyway.

NRA: Good luck on your new label.