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Reagan Youth News:

May 14th 2009
May 22 The Blender Theater At The Gramercy Manhattan, N.Y.
Aug 13 GERMANY - Hafenklang Hamburg, Hamburg
Aug 14 GERMANY - Clash Berlin, Berlin
Aug 15 8:00P - GERMANY - Endless Summer Festival Torgau
Aug 16 8:00P - AUSTRIA - Viper Room Wien, Wien
Aug 17 8:00P - GERMANY - Esperanza Schwäbisch Gmünd
Aug 18 8:00P - SWITZERLAND - Sedel LUCERNE, Lucerne
Aug 20 UK - TBA TBA
Aug 21 UK - TBA TBA
Aug 22 UK - TBA TBA
Aug 23 UK - Underworld London, London and South East
Aug 26 NETHERLANDS - Innocent Hengelo
Aug 28 GERMANY - Underground Köln
Aug 29 GERMANY - Garage Saarbrücken
Sep 12 12:00A - Tompkins Square Park New York, New York

Dec 23rd 2007
More lyrics have been added to the Lyric section.

Oct 19th 2007
The lyrics have been corrected and more songs added to the Lyric section.

Sept 19th 2007
Reagan Youth have a new official site. Here.

Jan 7th 2007
We've added a short statement from Pat Distraction, the new singer for Reagan Youth in the interview section. It is, hopefully, part of a larger Reagan Youth interview.

Jan 4th 2007
Here's a link to a new Reagan Youth performance on youtube from a new years eve show with Murphy's Law. We hope to bring you an interview shortly.

December 18th 2006
Here's a link to the new Reagan Youth Myspace page.

December 17th 2006
At last we have some Reagan Youth news. Paul cripple has revived Reagan Youth now with original
bass player Al Pike and former drummer Javier. The singer is Pat from NYC local band Distraction.

June 07, 2001 - JohnN
RonObvious e-mailed me some Reagan Youth lyrics he transcribed for the rest of us. Thanks, RonO!.

November 04, 1999 - JohnN
Here's a review of "Live and Rare" from the web.

September 01, 1998 - JohnN
According to an e-mail from "Tracy Pew," the Beastie Boys gave their regards to Reagan Youth at a recent show by playing a tune.  Here an excerpt:

"The next song we're gonna do is by a New York punk band Reagan Youth and the song is called `Reagan Youth,' and it's dedicated to (deceased R.Y. singer) Dave Insurgent...'' BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM... what waz so tellin 'n eerie waz the noticeable crowd silence as the Beasties pounded out the Reagan Youth song; even the three jarhead slam pits on the floor were confounded by this taste of classic NY punk and were brought to a stand-still... since only 10-15% of the audience had actually heard a Reagan Youth song before, the rest of the crowd didn't really know how to take it; what they may've not known was that Reagan Youth were a protestant dope-smokin', leftwing peace punk band who later grew their hair long, in direct contrast ('n sometimes conflict) w/the more popular quasi-rightwing, nationalized skinhead metal-core bandz that so ruled the mid-80s NY hardcore millieu... much of the time, Reagan Youth's ironic bandname waz mistakenly taken literally, not az the sarcastic satire of the zombie nation at that time or any other that it waz... so maybe that waz the case az the Beasties plowed thru the anthem, last line being an emphatic, ``... don't be FOOLED!''... gave me shiverz 'n the Beasties were thotful to have memorialized their dead friend Dave Insurgent and his group's song in concert at the biggest venue in town... carrying on...

August 24, 1998 - JohnN
The Reagan Youth biography has been put up.

June 11, 1998 - JohnN
We've had so many requests for this page, that it's the first of our new band pages to go up. This section is still a work in progress though, so please bear with us. Anyway, we will have interviews, articles, etc. Note: Not all the sections are filled out as of now.

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